A letter to Bizzy

I don’t know Ethan. I never heard his name before or saw him on Bizzy. I got an email from him today thanking me and the bizzy team and thought it was worth sharing. After all, we worked on Bizzy because we loved it. And knowing that we were able to amaze people is all we could expect.

Hi Gadi,

It’s very sad to see you guys go. Bizzy is a very fun and useful product and while it had its glitches, I enjoyed playing with it for most of the time. I’m writing to let you (and the team) know how impressed I was with the recommendation engine from Bizzy. Many times I would come across something on the Internet, mark it as a future to-do and only to see it popping up on Bizzy shortly after. It literally reads my mind sometimes. Given the sample size (many venues only had 1 or 2 votes), I was blown away by what Bizzy was able to do. Thank you for letting me feel amazed, and please keep me updated on your next venture. I am sure it’ll be more interesting than this one!

Regards, Ethan

Thank you Ethan. And big thanks to the hundred of users that cared to email, tweet and call. It makes it so much more likely that I will wake up one of these morning and do it all over again.

A letter to Bizzy

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