Talkdesk is part of Gartner’s MQ. What’s the big deal?

Gartner released its 2017 Contact Center as a Service Magic Quadrant today and placed Talkdesk in the Visionary slot. This is a huge deal for us here at Talkdesk, and everyone is thrilled. We are the youngest company ever made it to this MQ, and the inclusion is a great recognition of our hard work and innovation.

I got many questions during the last few days and figured out it is better if I answer them all at once.

Is it a big deal? Yes, it is. Enterprise Software purchase is still a complicated and laborious process. Most markets have dozens if not hundreds of possible solutions. The buyers need to sort through all of them, compile tons of information, dive into features, check references. Gartner is doing a lot of this legwork for the buyer and by that simplifies the purchase process.

Should you trust these guys? While I cannot provide a blanket statement about Gartner, the team that works on the CCaaS MQ is top notch. Every one of them has > 20 years of experience in the contact center space. They talk with 100s of customers and dozens of vendors every year and know the space cold. Their process is also pretty comprehensive: we have gone through a full RFP, quite a few meetings, and presentations, and they also interviewed five of our largest customers (with more than 300 seats).

Is it pay for play? I got this question a lot, and the answer is no. You can subscribe to Gartner services but the fee is relatively low and gives you access to their data and the analyst community, but it is not a fee to be included in the MQ. If you could cheaply buy your way into the MQ, you would see 100s of companies in every square.

Are you happy with your location? We are thrilled. We are the youngest company in the MQ by a decade. This is our first year in the MQ, and getting recognized as a Visionary was all we could hope for. With size, growth, and execution, we will make our way to the top right quadrant.

Should I consider it for my company? If you sell to SMBs, don’t bother. If your company is selling to Enterprise customers, who are the only paying customers of Gartner, absolutely. Gartner’s value is not only in the published MQ. Each one of their analysts is taking 100s of enterprise customer calls a year and they rely on the MQs to provide product recommendations.

Talkdesk is part of Gartner’s MQ. What’s the big deal?

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