High on Bizzy love…

Yesterday I shared with our users that the startup I founded, Bizzy, will be shutting its doors soon. Bizzy was a part of a larger public company so in this sense we did not have the same control over our destiny as a true independent startup has but in any event, closing the doors over something you built and loved is not easy.

There will be time for lesson learned and what’s next. Today, I just enjoy the public and private love we are getting from our users. I mean, it would have been horrible to tell your users you are shutting down and get no one to react… But in Bizzy’s case, we got hundreds of emails, tweets and phone calls from users all over the country and it really helps to keep our collective spirit high… Tomorrow we might wake up with a hang over, but today, I would like to share some of the funny/heart warming responses we got…

Sugar sent a quick email that turned to be quite common:

WHAT??????????? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!

Jeff did a great job summarizing everyone’s feelings: 

Than, there was guilt…

Oh man, Gadi, that’s terrible news! I try everything and hate most but loooooved Bizzy. And I enjoyed the usually clever emails from Emily. I now feel terrible for not checking out enough or promoting it harder.

Than some users came up with the #savebizzy hashtag…

Scott was somehow emotional:

Feels more like losing a friend than an app or a web site. Folks like @edubya really made Bizzy a place you wanted to be.

And then it escalated to tears… Becca cried for realz asking if it was normal to cry after reading the bizzy announcement  and Aaron Strout was chocking on LBS (Location Based Services) tears (we love you Aaron)

Then some people asked for an advice”

I’m very sorry to hear that. We are actually working on a similar software in germany.
Could you perhaps tell me how this could have happened? Are there any lessons learned? Please help out a fellow developer who wants to contribute to society just like you guys did.
Finally, Lisa asked the most appropriate question: What is wrong with People???

I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for Bizzy’s closure. I was so surprised because it is such a fun, engaging app full of community, info & comedy. What the heck is wrong with people? Bizzy is so much more than Yelp or 4sq–I know I’m no Scoble but just my .02 Again, I’m so sorry and yeah bummed.

There are literally hundreds funny, engaging and rewarding messages I went through today and yesterday and I replied to each and every one of them (sorry it took a while, I’ve been typing all day today and some last nigh). I am proud we built such a strong community and would have loved to see it growing and growing, but for now, I will take the love and keep the collective Bizzy’s chin up: we built a wonderful product that people love. It’s a lot!

High on Bizzy love…

4 thoughts on “High on Bizzy love…

  1. here is another one worth mentioning…
    Jose Soto said…
    I was hoping it was April Fool’s Day when I read this. I really loved this app and all the people I met through it.
    Hope you guys manage to be back some day.

  2. I really am so bummed to hear this very sad news. I loved getting to know you guys and your passion for Bizzy. You guys have heart and I was always happy to be a part of your fun. Whatever you do in the future, please share. I will always be a Gadi and Ryan (and even Emily) fan. 🙂

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