The Wisdom of Crowds- My Top Posts

I am working on a new post that will put an end to the slow turkey week but in the interim, I figured out I can recognize my top posts based on how much you liked and read them. It is two months that I am writing now, so it is good time to name the winners…

The most popular by far is Leading a Global Team- The Starter Guide. I got few mails from people that said it really helped them which made me feel great…

Second in popularity is Apple Company Ethics. I am not sure why, but this one still attracts readers and a lot of people are getting to it by Googling Apple + ethics. Why is it that so many people are worried about Apple’s ethics?

Which Problem Is Facebook Solving? made it to the third place, but won the comment war with 14 comments posted.

And which one was absolutely the worst? Google and Double Click was the one post that was hardly read. I read it again, and thought it was actually not that bad after all…

Last but not least, the post that got the biggest spike in one day was SAP and Business Objects Acquisition – I guess there was something about that post that made it got forwarded a lot…

The Wisdom of Crowds- My Top Posts

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