The iPhone Economy

You thought you only bought an iPhone. $199+ sales tax and you are all set. Little did you know that Apple disguised a little robot inside the iPhone that has one goal in life: boost the sluggish economy. Just like Bill Gates and his foundation Steve Jobs joined the philanthropic club of successful CEOs, dedicating themselves for the greater good- in this case, introducing the Apple version of the economic stimulus package.

How does it work? The iPhone hates to be alone. It feels like WALL-E, all alone in your pocket. So it sends you to buy a nice holster ($29.99) to keep it warm and look business-like. First time you hit the gym you discover the the business holster doesn’t help so you need an armband case ($19.99) so you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out.

Few days later you discover that the battery life of the iPhone is marginal at best. $49.95 later you are fully equipped with Richard Solo’s external iphone battery so you can get through the last conference call of the day. To be on the safe side the iphone asked you to get a car charger ($19.95), so you can give it a boost while driving. When in the car, your iPhone demanded a cassette adapter, so you can comfortably connect it to your car stereo. You feel really good about spending $15.95 on the gadget: BMW charges $320 for iPhone/iPod connector and Volvo asks for $452 so 15.95 is a steal!

After two weeks of using iSpend (sorry, iPhone), it wants more applications. This is free, isn’t it? Many developers did not take my advice and they actually charge for their iphone apps. A good to-do application, couple of games and a voice recorder will cost less than $30. Not a bad deal for so many useful things! Apple itself doesn’t play in the $0.99 per app game. If you want your mails and calendar events pushed to your iphone you can always use MobileMe for a modest sum of $99 a year.

Lastly, your iPhone buys an Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset ($99 if you don’t mind)- it can help , so it claims, to avoid fines when driving and it also reduces the risk of getting its touchscreen stuck to your cheek.

It is getting late. I will tuck my iPhone to sleep on its little iPhone iBed and cover it with the iBlanket it asked me to buy. So what did we have? $199 iPhone on a misson, $400 worth of accessories and a priceless pride of ownership. Who said we need the government to stimulate the economy?

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The iPhone Economy

3 thoughts on “The iPhone Economy

  1. Yep… I actually did not want to add this item since many would say that all iPhone users are replacing current phones, many of them are internet enabled already but:
    1. 3G service is about $10 more expensive a month. It is an additional $240 over two years
    2. A portion of iPhone users added data connection for the first time, which is an addition of 30$ or so a month

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