8 Places you should not miss while in SxSW

I am not going to Austin for SxSW this year and a minute before I apply my “don’t show me anything tagged #SxSW on Twitter” filter, I wanted to share some of my personal favorites in the city, in case you are looking for good places to eat or play. The source is my very own Bizzy List from my two visits in Austin last year…

  • Amy’s Ice Cream– The very best ice cream in Austin. Don’t miss! My Original comment: “Like Cold Stone but with high quality ice cream”
  • The Steeping Room– In the middle of the town of ribs, greasy food and Mexican beer you can find this elegant place with awesome coffee and tea selection and sophisticated brunch food. A bit out of the way but can be a great place for a meeting away from the crowd. What I said back then? ” I am back in the sane world where they serve artisan coffee and organic granola and yogurt. This place is my new BFF (plus an amazing selection of teas)”
  • BBQ Heaven– BEST. BRISKET. EVER (Ellen makes a better one but only once a year or when a friend is having a baby). Open really late and a perfect place to get a late night sandwich you’d never forget. “Same awesome Brisket, same great people. Best (immobile) food truck ever.” Continue reading “8 Places you should not miss while in SxSW”
8 Places you should not miss while in SxSW