One year

It has been a year since I started blogging. It is not much of an event (even I missed it in 4 days…) but it made me look back on the blog statistics. I posted 55 posts, about once a week- much more than I expected. The posts that got most of the attentions were ones that came up in popular searches. For first time visitors, here are the top posts:

  • Should you build an iphone application?  -This post was published couple of months ago but got to be number one it total. Dozens of people read it every day, vast majority found it after Googeling iphone application related keywords.
  • Leading a Global Team- The Starter Guide –one of my first posts that get constant readership for 10 months now. I got many e-mails from leaders of global teams that enjoyed reading it and found useful advice they could act upon. 
  • SMB- Redefined?- this post was my attempt to define the SMB market with a more practical, non theoretical point of view. People liked it since it adds “real life” angle to the dry market analysis of the SMB market.
  • Facebook, Market Segmentation And a Discussion Mark Zuckerberg Never Had– I am happy this post made number 4 since I enjoyed writing it. It contains important lessons about the need to segment your market and come with different offers based on different markets you try to approach. It was much fun to pick on such a success like Facebook- it proves that even giants can do better… 
  • Should you give your iPhone app for free– Like my most read post, this one attracts much attention through search. I guess that the build or not build question is more fundamental than the one of pricing… 
Happy I was able to go about it for a year, I will try to carry on for one more… 
One year

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