I Am Back

I am back from Vietnam and Cambodia and already jumped into a new gig (details to follow soon…). Before I resume normal business/SMB blogging, I wanted to share few pictures from these amazing countries….Small Business in Hanoi

Everyone is a small business in Vietnam… All you need is an investment of 10$ or so and you are in the game…Below you can find an example of a tiny fast food restaurant, hundreds of them can be found in each street.

Fast food in Hanoi Market

With 3000 islands one would think that real estate would not be an issue but the rocky islands of Ha Long Bay don’t leave much room for the local fishermen that build floating villages near the islands.

Floating village in Ha Long Bay

When not fishing, the floating villagers will operate the floating market. Just like the secret formula of McDonald’s, location is the key element of the floating marketer strategy. floating supermarket in Ha Long Bay

We walked into a village in Northern Vietnam and got into a school. The kids got super excited and this is one picture captured there. Scool girl

If you wonder how a typical house in a Vietnamese Village look like here is your answer… Very simple, one room house, with the kitchen in one side, living room in the center and bedroom separated by curtains. By the way, in most houses there are posters printed by the government, explaining basic things like suer or birth control. Kids in North VietnamHouse in North Vietnam.

No wonder they become great warriors when they are older..Kids play war games.
helping the family in an early stage is common. Look at the girl with the firewood and the boy that collect the Buffalo leftovers to resell them later.

Girl collects woodfire

In this fishermen village, shrimp is sun dried in the street. The kids will just go and eat the profit whenever they feel like…

shrimp street in the ma Kong Delta

kid’s snack

And one picture from Cambodia for dessert… 700 years old temples in the background with a very young monkey and a very fresh ice cream in the front (Angakor).

Monkey and Angakor

I Am Back

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